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Healthier version of IHOP

This is my response to IHOP's new menu. My son's Tae Kwon Do class is right next to IHOP so I am often asked if after we can go for dinner. To my son's surprise, the other night I actually said yes. I remember back in the day I could throw down some IHOP. Anyone else? Now the new menu has added the calories along with the picture of each menu item. This is a curse and a blessing. There were items on the menu that would use my entire calorie allotment for the day😲. Seriously! The smartest choice on the menu was an egg white veggie omelette with a side of fruit coming in at a around 380 calories. For some reason I just wasn't feeling that. What I wanted was the waffle with fried eggs and turkey bacon but at 730 calories I decided to pass. I had my shake just before going to TKD so I decided to pass on eating and let me son enjoy his dinner.
When I came home I had a better plan. I could make my own version using Kodiak Cakes Pancake mix. My version did not disappoint an…

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