Decision VS Emotional Reaction

Do you ever respond to a stressful situation by eating even when you might not me hungry. I can say when my kids are really stressing me out I might find myself in the pantry looking for "something". Trouble is I am never sure what that something is and I am usually not eating out of hunger. But,we also react emotionally with food when we are happy. Go out with a group of friends, have some fun  and before you know it all plans to eat healthier or stay within your allowed containers for the day go out the window.
So, whether you overeat as a reaction to a stressful, painful or happy emotion you usually end up at the same place. Feeling guilty. 

A fellow coach recently told me that she tries to make decisions about the food she eats versus having an emotional reaction. If she goes to eat something she does not have planned she waits 3 days and works it into her plan for that day. At that point she can make the decision as to whether or not she really wants that particular food or it was just an emotional reaction. Brilliant.
Since we are not on a "diet" with a start and end date we don't want to ever feel like we will never be able to eat something again. We all have certain foods we love and would be sad to exclude forever. There is nothing wrong with incorporating our favorite foods into our lifestyle on occasion. There is also nothing wrong with foregoing a food for a while to achieve a short term goal. 
Next time you reach for your favorite food, is it a decision or a reaction (emotional or habit)?
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