For now let's ignore the fact that it will soon be time for shorts, tanks and bathing suits

For some of us, the upcoming summer season can fill us with a sense of dread. But for now I want to ignore that with the rising temperatures comes the rising pant legs and sleeve removal. Instead of focusing on what you will be wearing this summer I want to think more about how you will be feeling.

I love my daily workouts. I am not gonna tell you that every day I am just so excited to feel my muscles burning and to run, jump, and push myself till I am needing to press pause to catch my breath. There are days that I fight and procrastinate my workouts. Recently, I have discovered that I just need to get them done first thing in the morning before my brain is fully functioning and it can warn my body about what is coming up. So um I thought you just said I love my daily workouts??!! I do. I love the way they make me feel when I am done. I love the energy I get throughout the day. I love knowing that although I am getting older I am doing everything I can to keep my body younger. I love the feeling of empowerment of know that I just tackled that tough workout hmm what else can I tackle in my life.
So like I said earlier, let's put aside the whole bathing suit season is coming. Let's not think of our body as something we need to fix now and as quick as possible. Instead, let's start working for the long haul. Let's start a journey that we are not going to stop when we fit in last years swimsuit again. 
How? Well after a year as a Beachbody coach I have found that the number one way to achieve a goal is to do it with others. Find others who have similar struggles as yours. Find others who are also ready to make changes and stick with the changes. I am starting a free community of women, women who want to share with and care for others. Woman who are looking to help and be helped. 
Just click the link to get join in.

Don't think, analyze or wonder. You are ready to make a change. Let's do just that.


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