Listen to Your Body

I have come to realize over the years that if I really listen, my body will tell me everything it needs to be healthy and feel good. 
When I was 16 I got some fiber pills(now you have an idea at just how long I've been at this). They were supposed to fill you up so you would eat less. Looking back at them now they seem like they were pretty harmless but my mother was worried when she found them. She decided she would help me out by putting me on this two week eating plan she had gotten from her workout center (it was not a gym since they mostly just offered classes and it was not till later did they get a few pieces of equipment). It was basically 3 days of meals repeated. The only meal I remember was one of the days breakfast was cold high fiber cereal with milk and a piece of cheese. This one was my favorite and I am not entirely sure why. I am pretty sure the majority of the food was healthy and it was considered a balanced diet. The problem was it was a 2 week "diet" that when it ended left you with little in the way of what to do next. I mean how many weeks can you go eating the same 3 days worth of meals. I lost 5 pounds at the end of two weeks and was quite pleased with myself. But like any "diet" it had an end point. And when it ended I went back to a "normal" way of eating. This was 30 years ago and I can still vividly remember the stomach pain from eating a Whopper soon after finishing the diet. My body was telling me "no!" don't eat this kinds of food. Unfortunately, it took me a while and many more stomach aches to figure this out. To be honest, there will probably be a few more in my future. 
Another area I am learning to listen to my body is with exercise. Not too long ago I pulled something in my lower back making lower body workouts nearly impossible to get through. After a visit to my chiropractor and about 9 days of just upper body workouts and walking I felt better to get back to my regular workout routine. I decided to play it safe and take a full two weeks off. I am so glad I did since I haven't had any problems since.
It is important to know when to push and know when to take it easy, to know when to decline certain foods and know when to splurge. Listen to your body. It will tell you what it needs. 


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