Mindset work is Mindblowing

I have recently started journaling and working on mindset work. It seemed to be coming at me from all directions so I decided to take the hint and  pay attention. Just yesterday I was thinking about putting goodness out to the Universe and then goodness comes back to you. But then I started thinking that is not how it is supposed to be, you aren't supposed to do something good expecting something good in return. 
Photo Credit- Frank Mckenna

As I was thinking, I remembered a story I read that morning in the book The Universe has Your Back by Gabrielle Bernstein. The author had hired someone to do some work for her and over the course of a year she tried to get her to give her an invoice for all the work she had done. The woman would always say "oh sure I will get that to you" but never did. Finally at years end, the author sent an email begging for an invoice so she could pay to settle her accounts for the year. At this point the woman said "yes!" she was planning on getting it out immediately. Apparently, other clients who she had gotten invoices out to were getting really slow and behind on payments. The author took this as a sign from the Universe, make your worth and value known or others will not know your worth or value. 
So getting back to how this relates to what I was thinking, I am one of those people who will do whatever I can to help someone out. I have absolutely no problem doing something for someone but have a big problem when people do things for me or try to do something in return. So, the story from the book got me thinking. If you want to put good out into the Universe you need to be open to receiving good in to your life. It is not a tit for tat scenario, I did something for you now you need to do something for me. Instead, we need to be open and know that we deserve goodness. Allow others to feel the joy of doing something good for you like you do for them. Be open to receiving as well as giving.


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